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Welcome new members!!!

September 11th, 2012

I’ve noticed some new members and I just wanted to say welcome, take off your pants and stay a while ;-)
Stay tuned- I’m working on my new studio, getting ready to continue my specific brand of awesomeness. I always like to hear feedback on what you would like to jerk off to, so don’t be shy and drop me a line!

Playing the part

September 7th, 2012

It was a little after midnight on a warm New England summer night
I had just packed my suitcase for a trip to L.A. When I heard about a possible outbreak of syphilis in my industry. Well, I thought, even if my scenes that I have booked get canceled I should be okay. I also thought, 
Now is a really bad time for this to happen, as if there is ever a good time for an outbreak of anything to happen.

The real reason I had a 7am flight out of Boston was for an audition. An audition for the lead role in a Vivid film. That to me was more important than any paycheck or hot sex scene. I had been like a giddy school girl from the moment my agent mentioned the part to me. I was daydreaming,
And full of hope in a way I had not felt in a while.

I was also overwhelmed, having just picked up keys to a new, larger studio space while still paying the lease on original studio. Knowing I’d feel guilty leaving my partners to pick up the slack of my absence, and knowing I was most likely not going to earn enough to even cover cost of airfare, hotel, and rental car. Knowing it was a gamble, I knew I had no choice.

My trips to L.A. are rarely ever easy. This particular trip was challenging to say the least. I had a couple days before my audition to prepare. During these days I became very dramatic, manic, and anxious. Typical behavior when I’ve nourished a lust for something needful. 

The day of the audition my confidence had abandoned me. Where that coward ran to I’ll never know. What I did know was I’d have to once again rely on my charm and charisma. Lucky for me it flows when it has to.
My mouth was dry. Perhaps my saliva was keeping my confidence company.

During the audition i was shaking- I hope nobody noticed

The director used the word “decent” of all the descriptive adjectives used to
describe me…
I cried as I drove away in my red economy rental. Tears of relief, tears of fear… 

He must be immune to my charms! I thought of all the wonderful border line stalker creative ways I could win him over. My mind was spinning with ideas of how exactly to reveal to him I was the only choice!!
Funny thing is, after the wave of syphilis crashed upon the industry I have
Little desire to chase after roles.

Everything has fallen in to perspective. I am going to focus on my fetish clips for now. I have been thinking more and more about the need for a union in the adult industry. I have seen a lot of changes in my nine years of performing. The biggest changes are yet to come, hopefully for the best intrest of the performers.
Thanks for reading

It’s been a while

May 10th, 2012

It has been a while since my last blog, I have been at home in New Hampshire still feels so strange to call New Hampshire home.
I was traveling so much for almost a year, it felt as if I was only home to do laundry and re-pack my suitcase. I love being busy, being booked, in demand. When I’m away for a couple of weeks I feel like a nomadic gypsy.

There are two schools of logic when it comes to being head spinning
Busy, one is “I’ll sleep when I die” and the other is “if I don’t rest soon I may just die” So, here I am, hopefully somewhere in the middle.

It’s been a long day shooting. Time to wash off this makeup and head to bed. I’m excited to go to Boston tomorrow and visit a museum, take a long walk, maybe do some shopping…

Feature dancing at the Pink Pony

September 1st, 2011

I’m getting ready to do a 4 night appearance at the Pink Pony in Atlanta GA. I am so excited because I love Atlanta and I have new costumes and new shows planned! Also I have some friends and fans coming to see me, that always makes a trip better, doesn’t it?

If I can I might even shoot some content for my website while I am there,
It is always a hope that I’ll meet my next on camera male slave or some hot girl who would love to come back to my room for some on or off camera fun!

I will be sure to take plenty of pictures and post them both on my site and my twitter account!

Getting back to sleep….

August 19th, 2011

Hello- it is 3am here in New Hampshire. I find myself wanting to sleep at night, even being tired enough to fall asleep, but not tired enough to stay asleep. My nocturnal schedule started long ago, way before I was dancing in Las Vegas as a teen.

When I got expelled from high school and put on home school there was no reason to wake up early in the morning. I would stay up all night and sometimes even have breakfast ready and waiting for the rest of the house who had been sleeping all night.

The night holds a special kind of magic, mystery.
There is quiet, a stillness, calm. I am stronger in the cloak of night
Perhaps it is the lack of daytime distraction that makes me feel like less
Of an ADD basket case at night. Perhaps it is just when I come alive.
I fear one day for whatever reason I will be forced to conform to society’s
Sleep schedule, but, for now I think I’ll catch up on some news and maybe take a bath, roll in to bed when the sun tells me that yet again I have stayed up too late
Sweet dream lovers

“Can’t keep a good woman down”

July 10th, 2011

That is the saying right? ” Can’t keep a good woman down”
Yeah well, a fall down the stairs and a Doctor who says ” if you do not stay off your foot, you will regret the long term effects” can certainly keep a good woman down, down but, not out.

I had to cancel 3 weeks worth of work and a feature dancing gig
I was really looking forward to. This is all bumming me out.

Forced time off is what I am calling this misfortune. Yup that and a wonderful opportunity to find out who is your true friend. Nothing like an injury to define a relationship. Once you get over feeling sorry for yourself you can see all of the wonderful benefits to being an injured person.
Like for instance, if I were to travel, I could get carted around in those

airport golf carts that produce such a lovely lyrical sound and somehow always manage to creep up behind me and scare the holy crap outta me.
There is a version of an automatic wheelchair at the grocery store which makes shopping I suppose less challenging? Not so sure about that one

Another fine advantage to being temporally disabled is everyone is nice to you and offers assistance no matter what you are doing, my advice is to take the help- all of it. I have always thought I was some sort of super woman, indestructible, invincible, Teflon coated and special. Truth is I am human, I am flawed and clumsy, I am me, and I would not have come to the awesomeness that is me with out all of the help I have humbly
accepted in the past.

If it takes a fall down for me to realize this and stand up taller, stronger
and better I’ll take that too

In Vermont

June 29th, 2011

I drove from my home in New Hampshire to visit Family in Vermont.
I love it here, so quite and peaceful. I really enjoy spending time with family. I just cooked fajitas for everyone. Followed by a pecan bars for desert yumm!!! I have only been here for two days and I think I have gained five pounds. Oh well it all goes to my booty anyways!

July is looking like a crazy busy month for me so far. I might only be home for about a week of the entire month! Yikes! I much rather just stay home and work on my website and shooting for my studio. I mean
what’s the point of being your own boss if you can’t work from home?

Home- now New Hampshire wow! What a culture shock! Waaaaay different
than the west coast, I love it! Already making new friends. Believe it or not making friends is not always easy when you are a new kid in town, add on
the fact that I am an adult performer & yes, sometimes shy. I’d like to find a submissive male to amuse me & shoot some content with me at my new
studio that is being renovated.

The new studio is beautiful! I will share pics with you when it is done.
Okay time to go do some more gardening. It is a gorgeous day outside!
Love summer.

Hope you are enjoying the weather wherever you are!

Exciting News!!!

April 28th, 2011

Okay so it has been a while since my last blog- I’ve been a very busy girl.
This year so far has been amazing! Non stop and I have so much to tell you.
But first the highlights, one of the highlights of this year and of my career is my Movie! I made a movie with Belladonna entertainment/ Evil Angel it is called Burning Embers I am so proud of this. I really wanted to show my duality, the ying and yang of my sexual prowess, I wanted to share with you my rawness, my fantasies brought to life in this movie. Ever since I made this movie I have been more in touch with my inner sexual deviant.
Consumed by playing out all of my deepest sexual desires. I will be actively
working towards capturing these on camera for your enjoyment :-)

[media id=1 width=512 height=384]

You can also see the trailer HERE!!!

Another highlight of this year is a biggie! I moved across the country!!!
Yup I left my beautiful loft in Hollywood California to relocate to Manchester New Hampshire, I know what you are thinking- WHY? Well first it is legal to shoot porn here, yes really legal! Only 2 states that actually allows adult movie production that is California and yup you guessed it, New Hampshire! And also I wanted a change of pace. Slower I guess. Although I do miss a bit of the LA lifestyle but I do not miss traffic, smog, and LA losers! California will always be home, I was born and raised there but for now this what I am doing. It really is so beautiful here. Live Free or Die!



December 24th, 2010

Hey Guys!

I know I haven’t blogged in a long time but better late then never! I do Twitter quite a bit so please follow me to see whats going on in my day to day life! I am in Snowy Vermont right now with family and having a wonderful time. Except I am freezing but finally getting used to it! Sort of!

I took a few candid pics at a friends house the other night and then had some xxxmas fun afterwards!
I hope everyone has a safe and an loving Holiday season!


Love and Kisses!
Ashley ;-)

What is going on with me?

May 31st, 2010

It has been a busy, stressful, productive, and exhausting couple weeks.
I do not even know where to begin, Started a a new production company
Shooting content in stereroscopic 3D. Also decided to take on new clients for BDSM sessions. Busy busy. All in the midst of dealing with a family tragedy.
It feels as if there are also other random happenings just landing in my lap lately. I am fighting the urge to pull a geographic.

Shooting in 3D is no easy task, just the other day the jib tipped over and tried to decapitate my camera operator twice! No one was hurt, and no equiptment was either. Thank god but, that is why we have production insurance right? I have seen the footage and it looks amazing.

It is a learning expeirience, I have never been so intrigued in how things work before, I am like a child at a science fair everytime I get near the massive beasts of exspensive cameras.
I am learning how to move and position my body for the best effect. My ass looks so big and juicy in 3D! I love it!
Can not wait to see what I look like in 3D with a big cock in my sweet pink slit
I will still be producing regular 2D HD hot and sexy content that you are used to seeing as well. In fact I have been seeking other performers to do content exchanges with, got some great Male talent in mind.
I really want to do more fetish shoots and more mutiple girl shoots as well.

Oh I need to go to bed, I have a girly day tommorow getting my nails done with two girlfriends. Looking forward to my foot massage ;-)

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